Knut leadership fears as Sossion’s rival goes on controversial leave

Mudzo Nzili
Kenya National union of teachers chairman Mudzo Nzili. PHOTO: /THE STAR

Kenya National Union of Teachers national chairman Mudzo Nzili has been sent on terminal leave pending his retirement in May 2018.

In a statement seen by, Knut’s Secretary General Wilson Sossion noted there was noting unusual about Nzili’s leave saying it was mandatory and is in line with the law.

Wilson Sossion
KNUT Secretary General Wilson Sossion. PHOTO: NATION MEDIA GROUP

He downplayed fears that this could be due to leadership wrangles.

“Six months prior to the date of retirement, an officer is granted terminal leave pending retirement. At this point, the union must plan a by-election in the preceding ADC or AGM,” Sossion noted.

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He went on to add that it is a tradition for by-elections to be held while officers are on terminal leave.

Sossion and Nzili have previously been entangled in leadership wrangles at one of Kenya’s biggest unions (by membership) which have occasionally led to the duo taking contradictory stands during teachers’ strikes.

The Knut boss however clarified that Nzili’s exit plan was being executed in line with the teachers’ union’s constitution which requires that officials leave office upon attaining 60 years.

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It has also been revealed that Nzili’s vice-chairman Samson Kaguma has also been sent on terminal leave ahead of his retirement on April 2 next year just a month before Nzili’s May 16 retirement.

“Their positions shall be filled in a by-election during the 60th Annual Delegates Conference. Brother Wycliffe Etole Omucheyi shall assume office as the Acting National Chairman precisely on 16th November and preside over the 60th ADC,” Sossion added.

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Omucheyi is the second vice-chairman of the union and will occupy Nzili’s office ahead of the by-election which has been scheduled for mid December.

“This matter should be brought to a total closure and I urge the delegates to the 60th ADC for focus more on the success of the ADC and the critical issues affecting our members and the delivery of quality education in Kenya,” Sossion said.