Raila heads to UK for more meetings, to return Friday

Eye on London

Raila Odinga_USA Speech
Raila Odinga giving a speech in the US. /TWITTER

The National Super Alliance chief, Raila Odinga, leaves the United States on Tuesday, November 14 for London for another series of meetings.

The Opposition leader has been in America since Tuesday last week where he held high-profile meetings with the political class and bureaucrats.

NASA leaders at a past rally. PHOTO: FACEBOOK

The ex-Prime minister has held three speeches to Kenyans living in the US in which he poked holes on Kenya’s unity and nationhood. The country, he said, was sliding towards dictatorship thanks to President Uhuru Kenyatta and his administration.

“The real issue about Kenya is not the rigged elections. That is not the issue. The issue is deeper than that of just rigging of an election,” he said in New Jersey on Saturday, November 11.

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He has intimated to his supporters in the US that his boycott of the October 26 presidential poll, call to mass action and formation of people’s assemblies was a final jab to rid Kenya of its ills.

“When you see some Governors stand up and say ‘we want to secede from Kenya’, supported by Members of Parliament and Members of County Assembly, then you must know that there is something seriously wrong with Project Kenya.” He said as quoted by the Nation.

According to Mr Odinga, stolen elections, rampant corruption, misappropriation of public funds and a sense of entitlement by a small clique of the ruling elite has alienated most Kenyans, especially those from small communities.

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“The economy is suffering because of mismanagement, people don’t believe their vote counts, youth unemployment is at an all-time high and that is why we believe these problems need big solutions,” he noted.

Raila was expected to fly back to the country to a hero’s welcome by his supporters on Thursday, November 16 but Nasa has announced that he will be returning the next day.

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Mr Odinga’s former aide Miguna Miguna made the clarification on Twitter.

“CHANGE OF DATE: The #NRM wishes to advise that THE PEOPLE’S PRESIDENT @RailaOdinga will be returning to Kenya from the USA on FRIDAY 17 November 2017 – not on Thursday as I previously indicated! EVERYONE is urged to walk to the JKIA to welcome him back! #DemocracyNotDictatorship.” He said.