Little known Koome Gitobu orchestrated Nick Mutuma saga

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Nick Mutuma
Nick Mutuma. PHOTO: ANYIKO

Koome Gitobu, the second runner-up of the original KTN‘s The Presenter, was behind celebrated actor Nick Mutuma attack over alleged female assault. has now established that the said assault could have been framed, a calculated move to throw mud all over the actor for the sake of publicity and popularity.

Koome Gitobu
Koome Gitobu. /TWITTER

Gitobu caused an online frenzy after he claimed that Nick had “grabbed his girlfriend’s behind” in 2016 during the popular Ameru Cultural Festival.

Sources including celebrities and organisers of the event, namely; Eric Kinoti, MC Jessy, Kenny Kaburu and many others, have come out in Nick’s defence, describing the radio presenter’s assertions as malicious.

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Other sources say Gitobu, who had been awarded photography duties during the three-day cultural event, met the said girl at the event in which she too had been offered a role, which goes to confirm that she was not Gitobu’s girlfriend then as claimed by the former.

“We were with Nick throughout the three days of the event and in fact we were sharing a hotel and I can confirm these are fabrications made to soil Nick’s name,” Kenny Kaburu, one of the key players during the Ameru festival said as quoted on SDE.

On Saturday, when Kenny approached the accuser asking him on social media to provide facts and witnesses for the said assault, Gitobu insulted him saying he (Kenny) had witnessed the MTV’s Shuga actor grab his girl’s behind.

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The Standard‘s MondayBlues notes that three “feminists” helped fan the allegations, one of whom was behind the failed but highly-publicised female assault claim against writer Tony Mochoma.

“It is just wrong for someone to wake up one day and plot how to mudsling someone’s name. This guy simply wants to spoil Nick’s reputation. He is on a publicity hunt.

Where has he been since last year to come out now and make such claims? Why isn’t the girl speaking for herself?” Kenny posed, adding: “This is a well-orchestrated move.”

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“The fact that another girl is coming out to make similar claims that are attracting support from the same people shows a cartel has been formed – to spoil Nick’s name.” He added.

Speaking on Sunday, November 12 from the USA where he is currently studying, Nick expressed disbelief over the allegations and challenged his accusers to indulge him in an open conversation if they for sure, truly wants the world to know the truth.