Scandal brewing at Treasury as tumbocrats fight for eCitizen billions

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eCitizen Kenya
eCitizen flatform. /COURTESY

It was assumed to be one of Jubilee babies that have transformed the lives of many Kenyans, more so the way they access day to day services when applying for government-processed documents.

That however seems to be headed to an early grave after it was revealed senior State officials are now actively fighting the founders of eCitizen as they position themselves to take over the management of the platform.

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James Ayugo_Webmasters
Webmasters founder James Ayugo. /COURTESY has learnt that sources within the Treasury and Office of the President, a team of officials led by Sydney Wachira of Goldrock Capital and a Harry Mwangi, to be part of the influential government employees who have even gone as far as forming a company called Value Chain Factory Limited to take away the business of digitising and managing the eCitizen platform away from Webmasters Kenya.

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It is however said that the above mentioned are just the front of well connected individuals believed to be behind the real scheme.

It is worth noting that the chief accountant at the Treasury, Bernard Ndung’u, previously resisted and demanded accountability in the transactions of the portal and is now reportedly part of the group demanding private control of the eCitizen earnings through fictitious entities.

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Meetings to roll out the scheme reportedly happened at the Office of the President with Sydney Wachira always walking into the office of Principal Administrative Secretary, Stephen Kegoro, to join Bernard Ndung’u and others in meetings.

Value Chain directors. /COURTESY

It is said that Accountant General has suddenly become a great drinking buddy of Harry Mwangi who is thought to be the chief architect of the whole deal.