Emmy Kosgei kneels before her agey husband and internet can’t deal [PHOTO]

Treat your hubby like a king..

emmy kosgei
Singer Emmy Kosgei. PHOTO: MPASHO

The internet is confused.. all thanks to Kenyan singer Emmy Kosgei who has since set base in Nigeria.

A photo of the gospel star kneeling before her husband has hit social media leaving many women scratching their heads and men building midday air castles. The key message being passed was humility especially by women towards their husbands.

emmy kosgei
Emmy and Madubuko. PHOTO: OMGVOICE

Ms Kosgei who was praised and bashed in equal doses when she went west and got married to an agey sweetheart, in what many concluded was fueled by the wealth attached to the Nigerian pastor, told her fans and the not so fans that treating a husband like a king adds the much-needed value to a marriage.

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And to put her money where her mouth is, the singer knelt before her husband Apostle Madubuko which she called an act of humility and submission.

Emmy kosgei_husband
Emmy Kosgei with her husband. /COURTESY

“Humility is never a weakness in life.. pride as they say comes before a fall. It doesn’t hurt to humble yourself, it doesn’t take anything out of you it actually adds! You remain a rib and helper to him regardless of you status financially or otherwise, must you be right always?

Must your point come through always? Must you announce your contribution in your marriage? Must it be known that you do all things?

Learn to tame your character, learn to bite your tongue. Treat him like a king that he is, love and honor him…. some little acts look foolish but it adds value! Do it out of love! Wisdom is profitable! Step down from 7th flr.” She said.

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Ni hayo tu.