Awinja blasts haters, says she won’t reveal her son’s face

Papa Shirandula's Jacky Vike aka Awinja. PHOTO: GHAFLA

Celebrities come in different shapes, sizes and even personas, but fans expect their idols to be the same which leads to a lot of disappointment.

While some of the stars like to display their lives to the public like one would a book, others (case in point Nameless and the like) like to keep things especially their private lives under wraps.

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‘Awinja’ when she was pregnant. /COURTESY

Jacky Vike or Awinja -thanks to her role in Citizen TV‘s Papa Shirandula, belongs in the latter group.

Awinja’s son. /INSTAGRAM

The new mum has been under pressure to reveal her son’s face to the world but the talented actress says nope. She has recently been sharing pics on social media of her newborn but without revealing the face.

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Reason being, she wants to protect her child from people with evil intention, especially the cyber bullies.

“I just feel like he is very young (to be exposed to social media) especially with the trolling and everything else,” Awinja said as quoted by SDE.

But as has mentioned earlier, while fans enjoy getting treated to their favourite celebs’ “off camera” lives, not all of them are wiling to do that. It’s also unfair for the public to expect every celebrity to be as open as the next.

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