Njambi Koikai pleads with fans for surgery money

Njambi Koikai

Popular media personality and reggae girl Njambi Koikai has asked her fans and Kenyans at large to assist her to raise funds to enable her fly out of the country for a life-saving surgery.

Jahmby, as she is known in the entertainment scene, needs money to fill a hole in her medical fund for an operation to be carried out in the United States.

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Njambi Koikai_INSTAGRAM
Njambi when she was admitted in hospital recently. /INSTAGRAM

The former radio queen recently opened up about a rare lung complication that has seen her go in and out of hospital. Doctors say the ten surgeries done locally have caused scarring in the vital organs and therefore needs the intervention of a specialist to end her medical issues.

She also noted in the interview that the ailment has wiped all the money in her account has had to pay everything in cash as insurance companies shunned her saying she is high risk.

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Speaking at the Koroga Festival last weekend, Njambi pleaded with Kenyans to help save her life.

“We have so far raised Sh8million for my medical expenses, which are budgeted at Sh10million, I appeal to my fellow Kenyans to help me through this trying times,” a frail-looking Jahmby said.

The event was headlined by the visiting Freshly Ground from South Africa.

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Two major concerts have already been held towards the Trend guest hostess’s medical fund.