Socialite Noti Flow says sleeping with many men best way to overcome breakup

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Noti Flow
Rapper Noti Flow. PHOTO: INSTAGRAM

An upcoming female rapper cum reality show star recently left the social media streets flabbergasted after sharing what she reckoned was the best medicine to overcome hangovers of a nasty breakup.

In an Instagram post seen by, Noti Flow stated that for a woman to cope with a nasty break up, she needs to juggle at least four men at the same time.

Noti Flow
Caption: “Don’t use a man to forget another one. Use 3 or 4.” /INSTAGRAM

The controversial wannabe socialite was recently left high and dry by rapper Prezzo who dumped her little ass like a used tissue only for him to be spotted in the company of Tanzanian socialite Amber Lulu.

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After word went out that Prezzo had bedded the Tanzanian, Noti Flow hopped on social media to downplay the claims, saying her man was in Magufuli land on official assignment, to do collabos with the local artistes -as if what’s inside his pants hibernates depending on the assignment at hand.

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Noti then posted a photo of of Prezzo and accompanied it with the caption; “He still kisses me when he’s mad” but later got rid of the words after Amber threw some jabs at her.

There was also some bit of online drama after Prezzo’s Tanzanian buddy (ex buddy I should say), singer TID, took to social media to warn the rapper to rubber up when with the TZ beauty as she is suspected to harbour incurable viruses.

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TID had said in a post seen by that the woman he was chasing is known to sleep around.

Prezzo, being the gentleman (read fisi) he is, came to the defence of his woman and promised to stick by her side regardless the public backlash.