Blogger Sharon Mundia (This is Ess) ex-husband holding strange woman [LEAKED PHOTOS]

Ess in mess

This Is Ess_Sharon Mundia with_Lonina Leteipan
This Is Ess aka Sharon Mundia with ex-husband Lonina Leteipan during happier times. PHOTO: TWITTER

Marriages are no joke. Mix it with today’s jokers aka the post millennials and you have the perfect recipe for disaster.

It’s like where the world is headed, two people entering the institution will be renewing their nuptials the way one renews motor vehicle insurance cover. Get fed up with your former significant other after a year and you move on to the next. Sad but true.

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sharon mundia_wedding_
Sharon Mundia with husband during their wedding. /STAR

Just last year, Kenyans were all excited after word went round that celebrated blogger Sharon Mundia otherwise known as This is Ess had been proposed to by the her then little known boyfriend by the name Lonina Leteipan, atop a mountain after a helicopter ride.

Even before we could blink, invites were being sent for a wedding that would later b the talk of town and wedding of the year contender. A baby followed shorty thereafter.

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But as with many hyped celebs’ weddings (Betty and Dennis come to mind), the marriage didn’t last long. At least going by evidence collected by fans, which included photos of the man who was omnipresent on Ess’s timelines disappearing without a trace. Only for him to be spotted at clubs with random beauties.

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Lonina was recently spotted leaving a popular joint with a woman (again) and the body language of the couple said it all.

This is Ess’s ex-husband Lonina Leteipan in the company of a female friend. 1 of 4. PHOTO: TWITTER

Many are now wondering whether This Is Ess’s baby daddy could be depressed, going by the way he’s been drowning himself in alcohol and thick clouds of shisha smoke.

And off they went.. 4 of 4. PHOTO: TWITTER