Nigerians go ham on Hamisa Mobetto after she insulted their women

Stop flattering yourself ooh..

Tanzanian socialite Hamisa Mobetto. PHOTO: COURTESY

They say humbleness is a virtue but it seems a controversial Tanzanian socialite left her Quran in Magufuli land when she visited West Africa recently.

It is also good manners to be polite when you go visiting your friends, relatives or even a foreign land.

That though was not the case with Tanzanian superstar Diamond Platnumz’s mpango wa kando aka Hamisa Mobetto when she went visiting there, she decided to respect all the women in that country with just one and short social media post.

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The photo Hamisa posted while in Nigeria. /COURTESY

The vixen was in Nigeria for a beauty event and decided to post a selfie saying she was the most beautiful woman in Nigeria being Tanzanian.

The most beautiful girl in Nigeria is Tanzanian!

Nigerians, not being the shutting type (trust me it’s not just a movie thing), came out with bazookas blazing claiming that Ms Mobetto cannot even make it to the top ten most beautiful women in the country.

Some dared her to wash off her layers of makeup then post a selfie before they can even hold a conversation.

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Below see what some of them said:

Winnie: If she’s not careful she will return to her country by road.

Buzzbee: Can we have a makeup-free contest and see who really looks beautiful, glass and all.

Horley: Tell her to wash her face with soda.


Oluchin: Nigerians well done! Next time when we import these cheap prostitutes as models for our magazines make sure we try to reset their brains before they disgrace themselves👏👏👏👏👏.

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Nana: I want to see her carved face without makeup.

Iffyzy: Hope she didn’t come to snatch Naija married dudes. She likes trending as baby mama😂😂😂 nonsense and ingredients!

Berry: Who is this plastic thing, Bobrisky is even finer.

Moeish: Yes you are pretty but not the most beautiful girl in Nigeria, you no even reach top ten.

Stunna: Baby mama on a mission in Nigeria. Whom did you leave your baby with?