Larry Madowo re-introduces UK-based girlfriend [PHOTO]

She is South African.. we think

Larry Madowo
NTV news anchor Larry Madowo. PHOTO: FACEBOOK

It’s official.. popular NTV anchor Larry Madowo has a chick! Haters were left without words recently after the celebrated journalist shared a photo of himself with a mystery lady [not really, posted about her before], on Sunday, December 24.

Madowo whose profile includes “Traveller”, thanks to his globetrotting, is at the moment visiting world cities and shared the photo of the lady on his social media profiles while in the UK.

Larry Madowo_Girlfriend_IG
Caption: “Merry Christmas!🎄🎁.” /LARRY MADOWO | INSTAGRAM

It was a breath of fresh air as his army of fans keep pestering him to find a nice lady out there and perhaps settle down as he was not getting any younger. They have said severally that they don’t mind anything in a skirt!

While he often jokes about the never-ending “Utaoa lini” comments mostly on.. practically every replies to his social media posts, it seems the Sidebar host could be off the market.

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Fans reacted excitedly (except a few haters) after he posed suggestively with the UK lady who looks very South African.

Although Larry did not explicitly say anything about her, the “Merry Xmass” tag was enough to speak volumes. Who attaches photos of random members of the opposite gender to wish the world happiness on the biggest day of the year?

It should also be noted that that Larry is always clarifying who the ladies in his photos are in the captions, especially when he takes them with colleagues and friends.

Here’s what Kenyans thought of the photo:

Muthoni Wa Mungai: Finarrrryyyy…things are looking up! We dont know yet but it looks githemba sesky, kidu kicoupling …kiundu gisamthing.

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Heather Grace Waruhiu: We’ve started boiling potatoes and gathering big sufurias in the village.Firewood is piling up for the Big day as Larry Madowo ameonekaniwa.

De X Lexx: Oh ! Finary. …….ugh!!! Now ,”am in Paris , am in Berlin, harooo from New York , Look who’s in Greece !! ” ALL these will end with “Look who is pregnant? ” na nimeenda!

Nu-uh Ronoh Kipz: I am not good in Reading body language but I can understand your wide smile… As a man, iyo smile ni ile mtu uweka wakati dem ameingia box, na kwa haraka zako, mikono imetembea mpaka golgota mahali wezi wawili walikua wamewekwa kwa msalaba, alafu dem naye na maswali ya ujinga anakuuliza, “Larry, mkono inafanya nini hapo???”, and you are like, hehhe, hjddjdsjwkiekkalshsh,, rrrrrrah papapa… na iyo smile sasa..

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CJ Kwach: Your roaming was not in vain, now I feel relieved, but dame kama huyu wako wengi huku Eastlands. You should have saved yourself the agony of criss-crossing the world in search of her. Hapo ulichoma fare bradhe. But still at the end of the day she’s but a good consolation to your efforts.

Lilly Kish: Our God never sleeps, finally He answered your prayer. Congrats.

Paris Joy Lekoona: Am tagging my whole village here .This boy that the whole country thought was something else has a chic! My Christmas miracle is here oooh.

But others felt letdown;

Ase Ve Re: Nlidhan unaendea kamzungu huko,kumbe bdoh unafukuzana na kina waithera kama mm.