What crown?.. washed up rapper lashes at King Kaka

[email protected] has been battling alcoholism

rabbit kaka sungura
Rapper King Kaka. PHOTO: NATION

On December 28, Swahili rapper King Kaka let loose a new track curiously entitled ‘Angels’ in which he takes a trip down memory lane dissing all the then (and now) established artistes who looked down on him and refused to support his art.

Well, he is also hi-fiving a handful of others who believed in him including DJ Pinye who he says liked what he was doing even though “ngoma yangu haikuwanga na beat.”

Rapper [email protected] he is furious after King Kaka blasted him. PHOTO: REVERBNATION

Listen to ‘Angels’ by King Kaka ft. Suziah:

Starting off as Rabbit, the rapper is now an established act and runs Kaka Empire where he has and continues to give the all-important boost to future stars perhaps taking inspiration from what he never received from a lot of bigger artistes when he badly needed it.

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So among those who received negative mentions is old timer [email protected] whose tracks ‘Sitoi Kitu Kidogo’ and ‘Under 18’ were ruling the airwaves back when Calif Records was the studio and Ogopa was its biggest threat. Who even knew Rabbit (now King Kaka) existed back then..

[email protected], sadly, is now a shell of his former self and has released a diss track where he has bashed the Kaka Empire boss for mocking him.

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“Najaribu kusort hiyo issue ya kama nilimnyima collabo which is true, he was an upcoming artiste, so along the way nikijaribu ku-make my comeback, nilienda Kaka Empire na walinizungusha sana. So the time alinitaja nilifeel nikama anani-mock…ilikua issue yetu kivyetu na akaiweka public.” [email protected] noted during an interview with Mpasho.

“Vile hawa watu wana-claim they’re the kings of 254, ngoja watu wakucrown, wakuambie we ni king. Si ati unaamka tu siku moja juu uko na hit unasema wewe ni king…” he said.

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Also in King Kaka’s line of fire are Nameless, Labalaa, Ogopa Deejays crew and others for standing in his way as he climbed to the top.

In short, Rabbit claims he is self-made, that he received no help from anyone in the industry.

Here’s ‘Blunder’ by [email protected]: