VIDEO: DK Kwenye Beat ‘Kijana Wa Kayole’

Viatu kuraruka.. wanaona vidole..

dk kwenye beat
Gospel star DK Kwenye Beat. PHOTO: MYBIOHUB

Following lashing by fans over ballooning tummy, with quite a number of them asking when the talented gospel artiste is due (lol), DK Kwenye Beat has dropped something to end the idle talk.

‘Kijana Wa Kayole’ is an upbeat track where DK opens up about his past and reveals to fans that he was raised in hardship but through God’s sufficient grace, was able to branch away from the Nairobi’s Eastlands estate known for its crime especially because of the unemployed youth.

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DK Kwenye Beat_Fat
Remember this? Can you spot the tummy? /COURTESY

The second verse sums it up;

“Wangapi wanajua aah aah nilizaliwa kayole
Viatu kuraruka aah aah wanaona vidole
Kijana hana noma aah aah mjini yee mpole
Lakini wee ni Bwana lakini wee ni Bwanaaa
Na Ndoto zangu Bwana ni wewe wazijua
Na shida zangu Bwana ni wewe wazijua…”

The track was penned by fellow gospel artiste Moji ShortBabaa and the beat is courtesy of renown beatmaker Teddy B.

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Below read what fans said of the tune:

BenCagain: Beautiful music… Well writen and well executed… Zizidi kuja kaka.

Fmp pan da beat: I have seen the far God has taken you….”Mbona ni jigambe” Good tune my brother.

WEMA REBORN: Nice song bro…. I love it.. Humble your self and God will lift you….. Simple message.

Catherine Kilonzo: For who knows this thing tell him to pay me my money hakuna kitu ya free ungetaka free ungeenda huko kayole nantakuanika mpaka upuzi zako fb usione Greenspan ni mbali mimi si falaa sawa ulisema ntoe untanipa Monday imepeta kesho nakuweka fb na ma screenshots zako.

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But some brought back the tummy issue;

“Start going to the gym like Willis Raburu and people will stop trolling you coz of your weight,” Philip Etemesi said.

Watch ‘Kijana Wa Kayole’ video by DK Kwenye Beat below: