Size 8 trolled after sharing photos with heavy makeup

Kwani ni mhindi

Size 8_shades

The makeup issue is back with the target now being gospel star Size 8 thanks to a snap she uploaded on social media.

Saying the ‘Mateke’ singer is heavily-made in the photo would be an insult to the devil. She is ten times more than that.

Size 8_makeup
Nah or fans had too much to take during Christmas? PHOTO: INSTAGRAM

Poor celebs! Stepping out with no make up on is a problem as actress Catherine Kamau or Celina was reminded recently. Applying the same will leave a line of bashers taking turns to leave unflattering comments in the comments section. It’s a typical case of damned when you do and damned even more when you don’t.’s too much… should be an edit for a private gallery not public

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Many of the singer’s fans claimed Size 8 looked fake and that she should stick to her natural self, more so because she is a woman of God. A fan wondered whether she had become socialite Vera Sidika.

Below read what some said:

Size 8_makeup

Erico Neshville: Your face look so exaggerated

Juma Phylis: God made you beautiful, why do you put on make-ups, Mungu anakuina,unaimba gospel songs, kaa mchristian

Daamah Mwendeh: Na ungekaa natural dear..???ungekua smarter…avoid excess make up pls

Sallo Buke: Stop exaggerating and be natural,

Waweruh Lizze: Hahaha …huh it’s about make up today. Kesho Gospel..kesho kutwa your hubby hahaha ..makubwa haya..

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Vickie Shiko: I don know much about makeups but looks exaggerated. arimis and a drop of water does good work to my face en serves as a lippie too.

Wakarindi Mwangi: Sometimes I just wonder what would happen if you faint or something then waseme wakutoe hizo mkorogo na wigs. 🙈🙈🙈watakupiga mateke.

Vinnie Santos: What if one day you stop using make up, How will you look? Don’t you appreciate natural beauty given by God?

Esther Mbeneka: You look so fake, that make-up is too exergerated.

Mackery Mkahe: It’s too much… should be an edit for a private gallery not public

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Wanjiku Kiarie: Too much make up, it doesn’t look like you.

Cess Ndegwa: Tone down the make up its a bit too much.

Iteba Kemunto: Waaaaa hiyo make up ni too much yawa size 8 which verse in the Bible talks of applying make up ,,,,be natural.

Nigute: Size coz you love God why can’t you just be natural???

Owuor: Too much makeup.

Fatmaali: Kwani umekua mhindi.

Saushyusuf: Size 8 umekua Vera sidika.

Liz Omondi: Pia make up unapost? Hunanga kazi ya kukukeep busy??? Tihihiii….kimbesho naye unayo mama!

Naomi Ndonga: This looks artificial.