Huddah Monroe surprisingly speaks ill of Nigerians

She has issues with the country's musicians

Huddah Monroe_selfie
Socialite Huddah Monroe. PHOTO: INSTAGRAM

Naija night Nairobi? Wondered Nyashinki in his monster hit ‘Now You Now’, echoing what many Kenyans have been asking of the popular West Africa’s genre that has taken over Africa more so our country’s clubs and airwaves.

Jumping on the band wagon is Nigerian men-loving socialite Huddah Monroe who recently took to Instagram to write about the West Africa country’s artists, bashing them for not supporting music by other African artists.

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Huddah Monroe
Huddah Monroe during one of her many visits to Lagos, Nigeria. /COURTESY

The pretty socialite noted that unless it is a collaboration with one of them (which costs the other artistes an arm and a leg) the Naija brothers won’t support acts from other countries.

She is now asking African countries to stop playing Nigerian music completely to teach the Nigerians a lesson.

“Nigerians don’t even listen and support other African artists’ music unless it’s collaboration which artists from other countries pay so much for them to be in their songs. We the rest of Africa should just boycott. Be your brother’s keeper!” Ms Huddah ranted.

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It reminds me of the excitement that preceded Tekno Kenya tour.

Sauti Sol wrote;

“Kenyans have once again taken to social media to rant about Tekno. ???????????? Camp Mulla makes a comeback and instead of that being the main attraction it’s Tekno!!!!! You really deserve what happened to you last night ????????????????????”

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