Murkomen causes outrage with anti-Wangamati tweet

Look who's talking..

Kipchumba Murkomen
Elgeyo Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen. PHOTO: THE STAR

Elgeyo Marakwet Senator and Leader of Majority in the Senate -Kipchumba Murkomen- was once again on the receiving end of the National Super Alliance defenders following his remarks about the Governor and MCAs who recently chased newly transferred teachers away.

According to Mr Murkomen, the act by Bungoma County Governor Wangamati and Makueni MCAs who blocked the transfers of headteachers by the Teachers Service Commission (TSC), is the epitome of tribalism.

Wycliffe Wangamati
Bungoma Governor Wycliffe Wangamati. PHOTO: COURTESY

“Gov. Wangamati&MCAs in Bungoma plus Makueni who are chasing away High School Principals MUST read the Constitution Schedule IV to understand that the management of Secondary schools is not a devolved function.They are part of the tribal disease the ministry is trying to cure.” The Senator wrote.

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As expected, the Twittersphere went berserk and below is a sample of the ballistic responses by KOT:

Makokha Meja Wanja (@makokhaMyk): We want good results, do not tell us about constitution when you yourselves do not respect it.

MUNENE WA NJERU (@MuneneWaNjeru): THE 4 ROGUE Bungoma MCAs who ejected the principal of Friends School Kamusinga all because he’s a KIKUYU, should know that The Principal of Limuru Girls School is a Luhya by the name Mrs Khainga! …They Should Think Before they Act!

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john walu (@JWalu): I reluctantly agree. However, the feeling is that the best principals are being poached from ‘some’ counties to go enrich ‘other’ counties. @FredMatiangi must debunk these concerns.

Glo_glo (@gloriaroberts50): I can’t imagine someone employing their tribe in the county government to lead another tribe.

Simiyu Lumunyasi (@LumunyasiSimiyu): Huko hawatakaa, ujinga ya @FredMatiangi mtaacha.. We can’t allow incompetent people to be dumped in our good performing schools. Never!!!!

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Justus Amayo (@amayojnr): There is mo politics or tribalism here. It’s all about taking a performer to the best performing schools especially after taking away their best.

Mark L Wanzala (@mk186w): I stand with Bungoma County leadership on this, residents of Kakamega should borrow a leaf.

David Ngure Nganga (@sirngure): They should be locked and taken to court asap.We can’t politicize and tribalise education for heavens sake.