Tuju not a minister, Dennis Itumbi clarifies

The Jubilee Party SG position in the Cabinet has created confusion

Raphael Tuju
Jubilee Party Secretary General Raphael Tuju. PHOTO: KENYA-TODAY

Kenyans have been airing their views about the Cabinet nominees announced by President Uhuru Kenyatta last week.

Among appointments that have brought about confusion is Raphael Tuju’s after he was nominated to the Cabinet as a secretary without portfolio.

dennis itumbi
State House Director of Digital Communications Dennis Itumbi. He is accusing the media of misinterpreting facts on Tuju appointment. PHOTO: NMG

Dennis Itumbi has now come out to fault the media whom he accuses of misreporting facts following the President’s Friday announcement.

The State House digital communications director noted that Tuju’s appointment is aimed at “placing Jubilee agenda at the heart of decision making”.

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“You cannot have a CS who only sits in the Cabinet sometimes, ‘on a need basis’… Tuju remains Jubilee SG,” Mr Itumbi tweeted yesterday.

Itumbi said during a dialogue with NTV boss Linus Kaikai, that the media should stop publishing misleading reports on Tuju.

“Co-opting into Cabinet ‘on a need basis’ can surely not make you a CS. It is a tool aimed at informing or enriching Cabinet decisions,” the renown blogger said.

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According to him, the Cabinet can have experts on a need basis, adding that “Jubilee agenda will be part of government delivery and focus.”

But speaking to journalists later, Tuju said its the prerogative of the president to tell Kenyans what the position means.

“I am not familiar with the comments. It is not in my capacity to explain this to newspapers. But when something is not clear, its appropriate for the president to clarify.” the Star quoted him.

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Should his nomination receive the Parliament’s nod, Tuju will become only the second person to hold the position in Kenya’s history.

Chief Justice Chunilal Madan was the first minister without a portfolio following his appointment by the colonial in pre-independence Kenya.