Lilian Muli shares photos in bikini leaving men drooling

God answers prayers for real

Lilian Muli_IG
Citizen TV's Lilian Muli. PHOTO: INSTAGRAM

Citizen TV’s Lilian Muli is one woman team mafisi have been secretly (very unsuccessfully) admiring for years, which explains why many hearts were broken when she announced her marriage.

But hopes were renewed once again when she announced that she was single again after filing for divorce from Mr Kanene citing desertion (ever heard the saying one man’s treasure trash is another man’s treasure?) and womanising, though the other side of the story is yet to be shared.

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Caption: “Beautiful sunny days.” /INSTAGRAM

This past weekend, Ms Muli caused an online stampede after flaunting her curves for all and sundry to see.

It was a big deal because men are always left a thirstier lot when female anchors come on screen looking all gorgeous but in impenetrable clothing that cover every inch of their bodies.

So it was a prayer answered partially when they had a peek at the gorgeous news anchor’s goodies.

The divorcee and mother of one was n a generous mood on Saturday, February 4, and teased her online followers after sharing a photo of herself exposing her flawless skin.

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And luckily for y’all, is in possession of the photos which clearly outlines how God was in no hurry when he laid layers upon layers of top notch clay for the masterpiece.

Lilian Muli_Bikini_IG
Lilian Muli in a bikini. /INSTAGRAM


No sooner did the photos go live than countless men expressed their excitement over the rare treat, at least going by the comments on the photo.

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Many blatantly asked her for a taste of the goodies while others, well, they cursed behind their screens and chose to get acidic about it. They wondered how such a decent TV presenter could expose her body like that.

Well, we all know how a monkey reacts if it fails to reach a succulent fruity atop the tree, it comforts itself by saying, hata haijaiva.