Miguna couldn’t stop insulting us – Cops

He used his gift of the gab to engage the Flying Squad officers

Miguna Miguna
Miguna Miguna. PHOTO: STANDARD

Reports have emerged how the self-appointed NRM ‘General’, Miguna Miguna, caused drama during his four nights as guest of the State in various police cells.

Known for his sharp tongue, especially on TV and social media, the lawyer turned politician refused to be intimidated by the police and used his gift of the gab to engage security officers in heated and at times hilarious arguments, the Star reports.

Miguna Miguna
Lawyer Miguna Miguna at Kajiado Law Courts on February 6, 2018. PHOTO: BUSINESS DAILY/TWITTER

Mr Miguna was not kind to the otherwise hardened officers drawn from the Flying Squad who had to endure the wrath of his razor-sharp tongue.

There were endless dramas at Githunguri and Lari police stations where he spent much of his time including on Monday dawn, that led to the officer commanding Lari police station to call his superiors to seek guidance. Miguna had declined to return to his cells.

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Zipo.co.ke has learnt that Miguna had called the officer on duty at 4.30am saying he wanted to visit the loo which he was allowed to but refused to return to the cells and started shouting.

Junior officers called the station commander, who after consultations instructed the officers to allow Miguna hang around the corridors.

“He used foul language, but we had to remain calm,” one of the Flying Squad officers who was part of the drama said.

Miguna at some point complained to the officers that he had not taken a shower, even as Guthunguri residents threatened to torch the police station if the ‘VIP guest’ who they only see on TV, is not released after they learnt of his presence.

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Occasionally, he hurled insults at the heavily-armed officers who were escorting him around the city. “Is this your first time to see an aircraft?” Miguna asked one of the officers who is said to be no-nonsense and was at the time struggling to maintain his cool.

But he also had his calm moments as recounted by an officer who narrated how Miguna was calm yesterday (Wednesday) as they escorted him to Githunguri police station. He told the officers he was feeling thirsty and needed water and a soda.

One of the cops reportedly volunteered to buy Miguna a bottle of soda and water.

The fierce activist who at the time calm and collected, had a friendly chat with the cops telling them that when he worked as an adviser to former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, he had advised the government to improve conditions in police stations and cells.

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Both the officers and Miguna laughed and the cops jokingly told him he would soon confirm if his advice had been taken seriously but would moments later confirm to the negative.

For the entire period he was in the hands of the police, Miguna did not shower or brush his teeth and had to make do with only two meals.

“I have been treated so badly like a beast. I was not allowed to sleep, kept standing on a bare cement cold floor.” Mr Miguna told the BBC in Amsterdam after he was spotted in a plane with swollen feet and wearing cheap red slippers.