DK Kwenye Beat bows to fat-shamers pressure, hits the gym [VIDEO]

Fans have been trolling him especially because of his tummy

dk kwenye beat
Gospel star DK Kwenye Beat. PHOTO: MYBIOHUB

The Kenyan online peeps can be an unforgiving lot, especially if you’re a “local celeb” whose anything is considered a few decibels above the norm.

Some of the things that give keyboard warriors endless supply of fodder include a bulging tummy aka being overweight and applying too much makeup for our sisters.

An old photo of DK Kwenye Beat (left) and Jimmy Gait before the former accumulated the kilos. /COURTESY

So it was no surprise that fans have been turning against gospel star DK Kwenye Beat whose musical successes was slowly being overshadowed by his weight.

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The ‘Kijana Wa Kayole’ hitmaker has now embarked on a weight-loss journey days after confessing to not being comfortable with his weight and after fans continuously fat-shamed him.

DK Kwenye Beat_gym
DK Kwenye Beat at the gym. PHOTO: SDE

The talented crooner caused a stir both on and offline last year when he appeared in public looking like a younger version of Papa Shirandula.

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DK Kwenye Beat_Fat
Can you spot DK Kwenye Beat? /COURTESY

Fans have been endlessly mocking and poking him over his weight while those concerned about his health also shared their positive thoughts. And he listened.

The singer is now hitting the gym and recently share a sweaty videos of himself and tagged it: NO STOPPING.

Here it is: [Visit here if you’re having problems with the clip]