Raila Odinga very confused after Uhuru snub – Mutahi Ngunyi

NASA leader's plans pegged on his arrest

Raila Odinga_STAR
NASA leader Raila Odinga at Mama Ngina grounds during NASA rally on October 15, 2017. PHOTO: JOHN CHESOLI

According to a renown political analyst, Mr Odinga planned to ride on the chaos that would have followed his arrest.

“Raila is not a strategist. He is a tactician. And tacticians are like magicians. They rely on lies, tricks and chance. If a magician like Raila ran out of lies, tricks and chance, he gets confused, and this is what has happened to the poor guy,” Professor Mutahi Ngunyi said of Raila in his latest installment of Fifth Estate videos.

Mutahi Ngunyi
Political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi. PHOTO: MIKE OTACH

Ngunyi says in the clip released on YouTube on Sunday, that Uhuru’s decision not to talk politics, more so Raila’s illegal swearing in, has left the Opposition leader without direction.

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“His (Uhuru’s) silence is so loud and as they say, silence annoys even the devil. When Uhuru refused to arrest him, he got confused, and if this is so, then Uhuru should keep it that way,” Ngunyi said noting the President has left Raila looking like a joke.

On Chief Justice David Maraga, the Fifth Estate team accused him of favouritism when airing his views on matters concerning the government and the opposition.

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As reported by Zipo,co.ke, Maraga said he could not stop the judges from swearing in Raila as the peole’s president because he had no powers to direct them, only to later direct the same judges and reprimand the government after it refused to obey court orders.

“Maraga is either intellectually challenged or he suffers from selective amnesia. When it’s about Raila he directs the judges. When it’s about Uhuru, he says he has no powers to direct judges. This man has a political sickness,” said W.M, one of Ngunyi’s students.

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Adding, “Our judiciary is in the hands of a politically unstable man, and this is why Uhuru has disobeyed irrational decisions by the courts”.

The professor concluded that President Kenyatta’s government was right when it ignored court orders saying the State makes legal what is illegal for the sake of its citizens.