Jubilee will give ICC a whole floor at KICC to process Raila – Moses Kuria

Plus a 21 gun salute at JKIA when they arrive

moses kuria
Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria. PHOTO: CAPITAL NEWS

Gatundu South Member of Parliament Moses Kuria has taken to social media to claim that a recent statement by foreign envoys meant they were planning on taking the National Super Alliance leaders to the International Criminal Court.

The controversial legislator said on Monday, February 12, that Raila and his colleagues in Nasa misunderstood the envoys when they asked him to recognise President Uhuru Kenyatta’s legitimacy in office to end the political stalemate in Kenya.

moses kuria-raila odinga
Raila Odinga and Moses Kuria having lunch at Ranalo foods. PHOTO: TUKO

“I don’t think Raila and his NASA sisters understood the statement from foreign envoys. It was a ‘diplospeak’ version of asking them to be ready for the ICC. It was a thinly veiled way of telling them they will be treated as war criminals. This time we will welcome the ICC with a 21 gun salute and allocate them a whole floor at KICC for processing documents,” Kuria wrote.

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As reported earlier by Zipo.co.ke, 11 foreign envoys issued a co-statement on Saturday, February 10, urging Raila to recognise Uhuru’s presidency.

“The Opposition leaders need to accept that Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto are the legitimately elected president and deputy president of the Republic of Kenya. The threats and extra-constitutional measures being adopted by the Opposition will not help them get to power. Only dialogue can help forge the country forward,” the statement by the ambassadors read in part.

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But in a quick rejoinder, Mr Odinga slammed the foreign envoys terming their move as neocolonialism, saying they should not tell Kenyans what to do.

“We want to tell them in simple terms that Kenya is an independent country. Kenyan problems will be resolved by the Kenyan people. We do not need any advice from America or from the British High Commission. We will have our own issues addressed by ourselves,” Mr Odinga noted.

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It is worth noting that the former Prime Minister is now pushing for a repeat election in August maintaining he doesn’t recognise the UhuRuto government.