You deserve the hot slap, Victoria Kimani tells Kisii assaulter


Victoria Kimani
Victoria Kimani. PHOTO: NMG

Victoria Kimani recently went to matokeland and if her post on social media is anything to go by, then guys there have gone bananas.

The ‘China Love’ artiste was really disturbed by something terrible that happened to her while on stage during her Kisii visit.

victoria kimani
Singer Victoria Kimani. /MPASHO

According to her, she experienced sexual assault first hand no thanks to a fisi that couldn’t keep his hands to himself.

Using the hashtag #EndRapeCulture, the songbird exposed a man whom she said touched her behind.

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“To the guy that grabbed my a$$, that hot slap you got in the face by the security detail…. You fully deserved it! Boys stop touching girls without their consent! #endrapeculture.” She wrote.

But she did not stop there, she urged her fans and people in general to stop making jokes about sexual violation.

“Perhaps your fathers and brothers did not teach you well. I will be your teacher today. Rape culture is what you are promoting when you laugh or make jokes out of sexual violation, it is when you down play these actions and blame the victim for what was done to them.” She explained.

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She said that people close to her, both men and women, had been raped and molested and the experience had led her to treating the matter seriously.

“I am passionate about this because I have friends and sisters and brothers that have been raped or molested and had no one to support them. You boys (and shockingly girls too) I will pray for you on this good Sunday. There is a special place in hell for you if you do not stop what you are doing.” She concluded.

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Well, you heard it Mafisi Sacco members.