Mind your own business poor people, not my dressing – Akothee

Mr dress my choice..

Singer Akothee. PHOTO: KISSFM

Akothee is breathing fire and while it’s not the first time the popular singer is throwing tantrums at her fans/haters/both, today it had to do with her choice of dressing.

Unless you live under a rock or you just arrived on planet earth after an expedition in outer space, then you know Akothee doesn’t take criticism very well.

Akothee with her five kids; three teenage girls and two small boys. /COURTESY

So this past weekend, the mother of five took her whole family (pets included) down to the Coast and the holiday mood almost got spoilt by her followers who had an issue or two with the way the ‘Baby Daddy’ singer carried herself around.

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The singer cum entrepreneur spent some time at the beach, naturally, and she of course dressed the part: a tiny two-piece bikini.

Her choice of dressing however rubbed her fans the wrong way and she immediately wrote on Instagram what she felt, rather not feel, about the comments by the haters.

Madam boss was unapologetic in the full meaning of the term.

She wrote:

“Imagine you are complaining about my dress code yet you still following me so who is crazy? Me or you? Unlike button! Talk of my dress code if you pay me to dress up, stop reminding me of my children because their school fee per year is worth your dream car in decades Idiot, don’t remind me about church, you are not going to heaven with me, neither will you be asked about my sins, deal with your situation, I know what and when I talk to my God! Otherwise we won’t be having scandalous pastors, enda kanisa yenu polepole! Achana na maisha yangu, Mimi nilisha haribu.”

That seemed to irk her naysayers even more.

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Walterkip said, “Be humble, wealth is meaningless and Vanity in the face of impending death..”

Sentiments that were shared with ladestny who wrote: “Stay humble mama…The people you call poor will be the ones to dig your grave.”

“Wisdom is missing here.” dennisoduormaina2 thought loudly.

Ann_wanjala had a piece of advice for the singer, “Careless My @akotheekenya..” She posted.

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“Disgrace to Kenyan community…” Saidasaidah concluded.