MPs go on shopping sprees after receiving KSh 5million car grant

SRC's proposal for MPs salary cuts was thrown in the garbage pit

Starehe MP Charles Njagua Kanyi aka Jaguar
Starehe MP Charles Njagua Kanyi aka Jaguar flaunts his new Range Rover Sport. PHOTO: JAGUAR

All the 416 MPs have received their Sh5 million car grants and the Parliament parking is already undergoing a transformation from beat up motor vehicles to top of the range guzzlers. has learnt that the Parliamentary Service Commission is also processing MPs’ backdated mileage allowances since they were sworn in.

Toyota Prado TX
A Toyota Prado TX. The less flashy MPs have settled for the cheaper guzzler that goes for KSh 5million. /TRADECARVIEW

Simple math shows that the car grants that were wired to the bank accounts of the MPs in the last week of January amount to Sh2 billion.

The Parliament’s parking slots are now decorated with sleek motor vehicles including Toyota V8s, Lexus and Range Rovers bought by the new lawmakers.

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Many of the legislators reportedly traded in their jalopies for new ones or took additional loans from the Bunge sacco to finance more expensive vehicles to go in hand with their ‘Mheshimiwa’ titles.

The less flashy ones opted for the relatively less prestigious and cheaper Toyota TX (Prado) that cost less than Sh5 million in the market.

“Yeah, I bought my car last Sunday,” the Star quoted an MP from Central Kenya who has been commuting in a taxi to and from the House.

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As reported by, in July last year, the the Sarah Serem-led Salaries and Remuneration Commission instructed a lower pay structure for lawmakers and top state officers to tame a ballooning public wage bill.

The commission’s pay cuts would have reduced the runaway wage bill by Sh8billion annually but the MPs rushed to court and had their way and are now cashing in on Justice George Odunga’s order that lifted the pay cut.

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The Parliamentary Service Commission which is the employer then gave the MPs up to the end of January to submit car grant applications from all the 416 legislators. The politicians were given three months to shop around and prepare purchase documents for cars worth up to Sh5 million shillings.

MPs basic salaries now stand at Sh710,000, but one can take home as much as Sh1.1 million monthly with including allowances.