Miguna Miguna and Boni Khalwale lock horns on Twitter and one gets blocked

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miguna miguna
Miguna Miguna. PHOTO: HIVISASA

Dust was raised online on Monday, February the 12th after the self-declared National Resistance Movement (NRM) General, Miguna Miguna, and former Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale locked horns on Twitter.

The tiff started after the former legislator tweeted how he reached out to the Canadian Embassy to help Miguna Miguna after he was deported to Canada after four nights behind bars following a crackdown on the National Super Alliance (NASA) leaders who participated in the oathing of Raila Odinga as people’s president.

boni khalwale
Former Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale. He was involved in an online spat with Miguna Miguna. PHOTO: EDAILY

“I’ve just called & talked to a Ms Fiona, the Consular Department manager, who has confirmed to me that they are aware of the matter of their Canadian citizen by the name of Miguna Miguna, but declined to disclose exactly what it is that they are doing about it!” Mr Khalwale tweeted on February 6th.

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Supporters of Miguna and presumably Nasa’s, hailed Dr Khalwale for standing up for their hero, something many leaders had failed to do.

But Miguna, unsurprisingly, begged to disagree. He disputed the claims, saying the Canadian High Commission in Nairobi did not receive any calls from Khalwale and asked the former Nasa ally to stop seeking undeserved credit.

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“Stop taking undeserved credit. You did absolutely nothing in defense of my rights. The Canadian High Commission in Nairobi has confirmed to me that you did not contact them. A lying physician is a disgrace to human civilization!” Miguna Miguna implied.

But Khalwale responded to the fierce lawyer telling him that his was a humanitarian act and was not meant for praise.

Khalwale_Miguna_Canadian Embassy

“Our brother, could u please spare us ua delusions of ua own power & importance? Mine wasn’t credit seeking but purely a humanitarian act. And that is all.” Boni Khalwale twitted and that it seems is what broke the camel’s back.

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Miguna Miguna, in his usual fashion, blocked Senator Khalwale on the social media platform calling a certified coward after the latter crusaded against Mr Odinga’s oathing and his decision to skip the event together.

“I’ve blocked you because you add no value to Kenya. You are a CERTIFIED COWARD. It’s good that you have exposed yourself. You have deceived Kenyans through churlish theatre and pedestrian pettiness for long. Now, Kenyans know who you are! Goodbye!” Miguna signed out.