DJ Mo admits receiving KSh 20K bribe from upcoming singer

Returned the bribe two months later though


He is definitely one of the biggest gospel deejays in the country right now, if not the biggest, and DJ Mo’s name continues to grow even bigger thanks to his show on NTV every Sunday and among other hustles.

But the deejay has found himself on the defensive following recent claims that he solicits for bribes from up and coming artistes in order to play their videos on Crossover 101.

DJ Mo_decks

The accusations have forced Mo who is married to Size 8, another gospel music star, to come forward with his version of the story after a little known artiste by the name Nexxie attempted to soil the DJ’s otherwise blemish-free name.

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As we reported earlier, Nexxie, a newcomer in the game, had accused Size 8’s hubby of demanding KSh 20,000 from him in order to play his song on his popular television show.

DJ Mo had initially denied the claims forcing Nexxie to produce his Mpesa statement which left the gospel DJ with an egg on his face.

Nexxie claimed that Mo promised his management instant fame upon receiving the alleged bribe and in return putting the song on heavy rotation.

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But after receiving the cash, Nexxie’s team discovered that the television host had over-promised and under-delivered. Their singer had not become a star within two months as they had been promised.

DJ Mo_Nexxie_tweet
DJ Mo and Nexxie WhatsApp screenshots. 1 of 2. /COURTESY

Taking to Instagram, DJ Mo exposed the lies via screenshots of WhatsApp conversations where even though it is revealed that indeed some money was sent to him by Nexxie, he had at no point demanded for it.

Not just that but DJ Mo had resent back the money albeit two months later.

When he was confronted by a visibly angry DJ Mo over his claims and apparent efforts to tarnish his name, Nexxie revealed that some people were using him to tarnish the deejay’s name and take his place.

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DJ Mo_Nexxie_tweet
2 of 2. /COURTESY

“The guy who purports that I asked to be paid to play his music is clearly on a witch hunt. As y’all can see, he wants to make a name for himself using the wrong channels. Fame, money and status is what he’s looking for. He also wants to join System Unit family (see screenshots). Surely, when will the selfishness and hate stop?” DJ Mo captioned the screenshots.

What do you think? is DJ Mo guilty as charged?