Mrs Kori and killer mistress shared meal before murder

The last supper..

Mary Wambui_Judy Wanguii
The late Mary Wambui and Judy Wangui share a meal before the former was murdered. PHOTO: COURTESY

It’s been weeks since Kenyans got treated to one of the most baffling crimes of recent times -the killing of Mary Wambui Kamangara.

On the spot is her husband Joseph Kori’s mistress Judy Wangui, who has become the chief suspect even as more evidence continue to incriminate her.

Judy Wangui
Murder suspect Judy Wangui. /FACEBOOK

The latest in the story is that Kori may not have been at Judy’s Fourways Junction home where his spouse met her death.

According to phone signals, and his car track, the suspect (Kori) spent the evening in the Ngong area as the heinous crime was happening at the Kiambu road estate.

Fresh evidence shows the sequence of what could have happened during the day that culminated in the murder.

Pictures recovered from Judy’s phone paint a very cordial relationship between her and her victim.

It is also evident that Judy was planning something as one of the photos show her stalking the couple outside their home, before she and Mary spent the fateful day together.

Joseph Kori_car
Joseph Kori leaves their Garden Estate home. /COURTESY

More photos document the afternoon and the two can be seen enjoying a meal of nyama choma which they playfully fed each other.

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