OH NO! Citizen TV’s Terryanne Chebet suffered a wardrobe malfunction live on air

Ground, open up.

teryanne chebbet
Citizen TV business anchor Terryanne Chebet. PHOTO: WAZA

While presenting business news live on TV, a popular Citizen TV news anchor’s dress gave away. It burst right at the back zipper and for a moment it looked like it drop on her feet.

Horrified, the news presenter put on a brave face ignoring the looming fashion Hiroshima about to happen, and continued with her news dissemination duties. Her co-anchor watched, terrified.

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Terryanne Chebet had been scheduled for interview on the same station later in the night, so she sent her cabbie to her house to get her another dress.

Throw back. Because. ?

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Chebet remembers that fateful day as the most embarrassing since she was born.

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Thank you! Citizen Business Centre was a blast tonight!

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She has since blossomed to one of the most sought business anchors in Kenya and was evenĀ  once hired by MSNBC Africa. Now with Royal Media’s Citizen TV, she is also a budding entrepreneur and a mother of one daughter, Imani.

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Good vibes only! Good night! ??? #terryannechebet

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