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With her fiance Joseph ‘Jowie’ Irungu out of the picture, Citizen TV journalist Jacque Maribe and Dennis Itumbi are slowly (but surely) becoming inseparable.

“For my friend Jacque, I pray for Justice, that she may be surrounded by lasting peace… Let justice prevail dear Lord.

I pray that she gets bail today, so that she can hustle again and bring up her child – Zahari, to achieve all his dreams, like she has always wanted to,” Dennis wrote ahead of bail ruling.

What many don’t know however, are the behind the scenes during the month the celebrated journo was behind bars.

ZIPO.co.ke has learnt that the State House blogger has consistently survived on forced sleep which is evidenced by some of his social media posts timestamped as late as 2am.

Itumbi never bailed out on Jacque’s family and consistently visited her at Lang’ata Women’s Prison while also working closely with her lawyers to ensure her freedom.

His constant thoughts and prayers paid off on Tuesday after Justice James Wakiaga granted Itumbi’s rumoured lover bail although Jowie was not as lucky as he remains locked up.

After the ruling was delivered, a much relieved Dennis could not hide his joy, he clung onto the neck of Maribe’s father, Mr Mwangi Maribe.

He joined others in court to break into song and dance, for a friend who “from the depth of a soul that has always connected…”

Reports have it Dennis joined others in extended celebrations at her parent’s home in Buruburu, as they planned the final paper work for their daughter’s release.

Itumbi’s court gestures have divided the blogosphere into two factions, that of admiration and condemnation.

While one group thinks he is taking advantage of Maribe’s situation to win her back following a highly publicised engagement to Jowie, the other, mostly women, say he is a true gentleman who stood by his friend through thick and thin.

Itumbi however denies taking advantage of the damsel, saying his job title doesn’t have anything to do with his actions.

“I work for State House, I do not stand with Jacque because I have a lofty title acquired over time, but because we share something more meaningful and important than a job title – friendship.” He told Standard.

According to him, Jacque is dear friend, that despite the chemistry, body language, deep smiles and knowing looks that paint a picture of lovebirds.

“By the way, last weekend, I told her, as her very supportive father and mother listened, ‘people are saying I am trying to win you back’…”

“Tell them, we share a soul. Something deeper than love, a friendship that words can only spell but not explain,” she responded.

It will be remembered that back in 2015, Itumbi surprised Maribe during a live TV broadcast where he presented her with a birthday cake, then a photo of the two kissing hit the web.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that the murmurs of a romantic relationship between the two continue to grow stronger and has now even followed them beyond prison’s high walls.

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